A Decentralized Proof of Stake Blockchain Designed For the Cannabis Community

Proudly built on Cosmos-SDK/Tendermint

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Chronic Chain is founded by members with a love for the cannabis community. Decentralization efforts are becoming more and more important in minimizing the bottlenecking of true value that this community creates within. Chronic Chain is an open sourced, Cosmos-Hub decentralized network, boasting Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) functions, Cosmwasm Smart Contracts... all built with community growth and collaboration in mind.

Token Info

Token Info

An Open Source Blockchain For Cannabis Lovers

Stake Tokens. Mint NFT’s. Vote on Governance Proposals.


Chronic Chain is far more than a cryptocurrency

This system is designed to consolidate all of the needs within the industry into one centralized location. Our POS system will encompass automated identification verification, inventory management, and digital payments. When utilizing blockchain technology, developing custom solutions to adhere to the business’s needs is a breeze.

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